Saturday, December 8, 2018

Disneyworld 14 Wilderness Lodge

The 14th annual family Disneyworld vacation was very laid back. I spent most of the time sitting by the pool, just tuning the whole world out. We met some great ladies from New York and laughed and laughed.

We had a fabulous dinner at the California Grill, on top of the Contemporary Resort, while we watched the fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom.

The vacation would not be complete without the traditional family group shot designating the number of years we have done this as a group .


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Disneyworld 13 Day 4 Going Home

I hate the last day of any vacation. The packing up and checking the room to make sure you haven't left something behind, always makes me sad. None of us were in the mood to get dressed and schlep out for breakfast, so room service was a good idea, especially since the breakfast menu was pretty good. I have had room service many times in my life and its always the same, the waiter brings the food on a big tray and leaves it, end of story. But this was something a little different and was a big surprise. That surprise was the waiter, a British chap by the name of Martin. He set a fancy table and made a big production of it. He told us of his service to the Queen, (yes Elizabeth not Cinderella) and his two years in butler school. He went on to tell us of all his adventures and how he ended up a server in Disneyworld. I really cant tell you if all his stories were real or just made up, but he sure did entertain us and brightened our morning. Thank you Martin, for making checking out not so bad.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Disneyworld 13 Day 3 Nightime

For our last night we had reservations to go to the Cape May Café. It's an all you can eat, New England style seafood restaurant. An all you can eat restaurant is always a good thing for my family, especially if its seafood. There was lots of steamed clams, crab legs and shrimp, with a whole lot of side dishes.

It was a crazy dinner and everyone got very loud and silly.

It was time for out traditional family photo.

After all the years we have taken pictures in front of Ariel, you would think my son would know enough not to stand in front of her. Oh well, one more fun memory.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Disneyworld 13 Day 3 Daytime

Adam really planned on making complete use of those tickets he bought. So on day 3, Adam, Tina, Alli and I went to the Magic Kingdom. We had no plans on where to go or what to see so we headed to our "go to" ride Buzz Lightyear. It was Sunday of the Labor Day weekend and the park was very crowded.

Next ride up was the race cars. I sat that one out but completely enjoyed chatting with a group of children from Indiana. They were excited to tell me all about their adventures and I just love to see the joy on kids faces.
We kind of wandered around aimlessly until we discovered a new roller coaster, Seven Dwarfs something or other. Did I mention that because of the trouble we had on the first day, we were given a bunch of fast passes. We did not have to wait for any rides at the Magic Kingdom. Lastly we went to our other favorite, Pirates of the Caribbean, love that silly ride. 
One last photo op....

and we decided it was just too crowded and crazy.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Disneyworld 13 Day 2 Nighttime

After dinner that night, Alli wanted to go on the Tower of Terror, so off to the Hollywood Studios we went. There was no waiting at this point put it did start to rain as we entered the park. By the time we made it over to The Tower of Terror it was raining more than a drizzle. Adam wheeled me into a small alcove by the entrance where I waited about 45 minutes for them. One thing I really like about Disneyworld is that you can feel free to start up a conversation with just about anyone. I chatted with folks from around the country while I waited.

Alli and Tina then wanted to go on the Rockin Rollercoaster, but Adam did want to leave me to just sit for another hour. So he wheeled me on over to the Star Tours attraction. There was almost no wait and we breezed right through. 
The girls were still on line so Adam and I went over to the Toy Story ride. Again there was almost no waiting and we got right on. We had so much fun trying to outscore each other, we laughed and laughed. He beat me in the points.
It was getting close to 9PM so we headed to the see the light show in front of the Chinese theater. We finally met up with the girls when the show was over. We headed for the parking lot, when the fireworks show started up. We made it to the car where we sat and watched the show. 
What and exhausting day.