Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yeah, you heard me, I said it, Bah-Humbug. Every year I spend hours making tons of cookies and give them out to friends and family. All I ask is that they return the tins. Do you think they do? Thanks goodness for the dollar stores.
Every year I send out tons of Christmas cards. How many do I get in return? Not many at all.
Every year, my husband and I schlep out to the storage unit to get the tree and boxes of decorations. It takes me days to decorate, but does anyone other than my husband and I ever see my wonderland? You guessed it the answer is no.
So this year, I am relieving the stress. I'm eating all the cookies myself. No one gets to try the chocolate covered, candied orange rinds or pretzels. My Christmas card list has been limited to 20 cards. But best of all.....No decorating. That's right, oh sacrilege, no tree.
I am feeling so relaxed.


Caroline said...

Don't feel bad, I have been not feeling festive for the last few years, but I always feel guilty and finally pull it together for others during the week before Christmas. I have informed my husband and son(18) that i am not putting up the tree this year, they said it was fine. Note: they did not offer to do it for me. But I am feeling guilty again, because we have 3 young grandchildren, it's not really fair to them that grandma is not feeling it.

Lin said...

I get crabby about the card thing too, so if I don't hear from ya in a year or two, you are officially dropped. I've noticed, though, that the economy gets the best of folks and cards are expensive to they get a mulligan this year.

I've cut out candy this year. I used to make candy for people, but the budget wouldn't allow for it. I just buy the little bags to give to folks and they only get a little bit--as a taste. That way I don't feel like I'm giving and giving and getting nothing in return. It doesn't sound very nice, but I get tired of giving all the time too.

I think you have to do what gives you the least amount of stress. I have a pre-lit skinny tree in the living room that stands about 5 1/2 feet high. When the kids leave, that is going to be my only tree. It's easy to put up and I don't mind doing it. Maybe you can find something like that if you want a little Christmas in your house.

Ann said...

I know exactly how you feel and that is precisely why last year I cut back on what I do. I only do the things I absolutely want to. Enjoy your stress free holiday

TheAL said...

Bah humbug indeed. Good for you. The Holidays do not need to be a source of stress and disappointment. Glad you found your happy holiday place! :) Enjoy the season and Happy New Year!