Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moda Thank You

It was a while ago when I told you about the Moda Just one Star Project. I made the block and mailed it in and forgot about it. I didn't think I would ever get an email or note saying they had received it nor did I expect a thank you. But Moda went one step beyond a thank you and sent this sweet little gift. I am almost speechless.

The sample pack has 42 squares, die cut at 2 1/2" each. The pattern is PomPom in Paris, a very shabby chic fabric, one of my favorite styles. The note says

Thank you for your contribution to our Just One Star project.
Your block(s) will become part of the 100 special quilts designed
to comfort the brave men and women wounded in the fight
for our freedom.
"One hand can touch many hearts".

There are not many company's like that these days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Basics

Can you believe it, I started this blog back in September 2007? Originally, it was supposed to be a place where I can keep track of some of my projects and a place to voice my frustrations.  It was meant for me, but open to all. I was working at the time, a slow job which afforded me time to blog and read. I read lots of articles on the dos and don'ts of blogging, be nice (not my nature at all), lots of pictures (I'm not very good with the camera) and be interesting ( which I am also Not). I wanted more readers and followers so I joined a couple of different advertising venues. Then came the clicking, and dropping and more and more time spent on viewing other blogs.
My viewership went from just a few per day to close to 200 per day. Then I was laid off and have been unable to find another suitable job. So I started my Etsy shop, something I had always wanted to do. I read more articles on how to get people to your shop, advertising, advertising, advertising. All the advertising I was using, led people to my blog and not my shop. Eventually, I had to stop the dropping and clicking as it took so much time away from creating items for the shop. With that, the viewership dropped off considerably, to just a small few.
And so, I have dropped some of the advertising from this blog. I was never quite sure if anyone purchased from my shop having read my blog anyway. There are a few of you who faithfully visit, and I thank you all, but there will be not more credits for doing so.
Sorry there are no pictures today, and I will be going back to being my non sweet self.

Monday, April 18, 2011


When you were in high school, did you and your friends go cruising? I did, and my favorite road was North Broadway. There was a particular section that had Elm trees on either side of the road. In Autumn, the trees would turn a vibrant gold. I always wished I had taken a photo, it was an exciting sight to see.
I wanted to make a postcard of that picture that still remains in my mind.

I wanted to name the card North Broadway, for obvious reasons. I also thought Maple Street was a good name because of the type of leaves in the fabric. But it was my husband who said to name it Serenity, and he is usually right about such things.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mailable Art Fabric Postcards

Over the past two years, I have purchased several books on the art of making fabric postcards, hoping to find that spark I need to successfully sell postcards. One of the books, describes how to take your favorite photo and turn it into a small work of art. I do not own any photos that would make for an interesting card, so I turned to a National Geographic book of photographs. There are many photos that will make an interesting subject, the first one I tried is this photo from Norway.

And here is my interpretation of it in fabric postcard form

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Block Lotto for April

This month's Block Lotto block was designed by Kate, of Kates Arty Bits Blog. These ought to make a colorful, happy quilt for the winners (fingers crossed again). You can make as many as 10 blocks this month. For more information, click here.