Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Birthday Block

For her birthday block, Rebecca requested the Signature Cross block found on Quilter's Cache. She asked for it to be make in old fashioned, blue prairie type calico with a cream background. She also asked that the block be signed which I did after I took the picture.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time for a Rant

It's been a while since I went on a rant. I have tried to be good and not burden you with this stuff, but I'm just really ticked off. Let me tell you the story. I received a $100 gift card for Christmas from my sister. I spent some of it at Joann's buying that bolt of muslin and a few other goodies leaving a balance of $54.71. I have been wanting one of those bendable lights for my sewing machine. The sewing machine light went dim a few years ago and no one seems to be able to fix it, but that's a different rant.

I called Keepsake Quilting to order the light and a few other things. I explained to the lady about the gift card and that I would put the overage on one of my regular credit cards. Oh no, she couldn't take two different cards (I really think she didn't know how) and she couldn't take a gift card (despite the fact that it is a Visa card with a 16 digit account number, and expiration date and a 3 digit security number on the back just like a regular credit card). I said thank you very much and hung up.

From there I went online to order the light directly from the bendable light company. I tried to order one from them last year but they were out of stock. They never bothered to notify me when the stock was replenished. I guess business must be good. I went online and filled out the form. When I got down to the very last line, the total was $54.91. So rather than let it go through and be declined I called the company and explained the situation to the lady on the phone. She sounded quite annoyed when she asked "You mean you want me to reduce the price just for you?" Yes, I replied, a whole twenty cents which if you must have it, I have a credit card you can put the twenty cents on. Nope, I'm not special enough to reduce the price by twenty cents and again someone who doesn't know how put a charge on two different credit cards.

I did some searching and found another company who is selling the very same bendable light for $39.99 and free shipping. Oh, you better believe I ordered that one. I don't even care how long it takes to get here, having already waited over a year.

I just don't understand, company's are going out of business all over the place. All you hear about is how people are cutting back. Are these ladies so secure in their jobs that they can afford to just let a customer go somewhere else? Is thinking outside the box really all that difficult?

OK rant over.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Deb in Arizona read about my tumbler blocks and decided to cut a few. I sent her a tracing of my template and this is what she sent me. I guess the gods are telling me to get off my X-box butt and finish this top.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Before you ask, the answer is NO, I have not gotten bored with the windmill blocks. It's just that after two HGTV CYOC string swaps and a few private swaps, I think I am going to get all the floral blocks I'm going to get. It didn't take too much of my time to finally put these together. I like the way it turned out, the colors are really pretty. This will be donated to the Heartstrings project. I have a bunch left over but not enough to make another one like this.

I have signed up for another HGTV CYOC string block swap. This time I will be receiving blocks with 30's/feedsake type strings. There doesn't seem to be much interest so there is a good possiblity this swap will be cancelled.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yet Another Project

I haven't been doing much sewing lately, just too lazy I guess. I have been watching alot of the new shows on TV and playing Xbox. I have several projects that need finishing up. I really promised myself that I would finish Nicky's quilt, the JellyBeans quilts, the tumblers, the friendship stars and a few others that I had started. But I am just not motivated. Soooo, I started another one. When I went to Joann's last Saturday, I also bought a new template (50% off). Do you see it there? I never remove the paper from these, because the paper helps keep it from sliding. It's a windmill block and it's super easy. In this one I have used some of the bright cheerful colors. This quilt will be for a child. I have big plans on making some in manly colors, girly colors and kids colors. Just how far do you think I'll get before I get bored with this one? Has anyone noticed the hidden Mickeys?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ATisket A Tasket February Block

I thought it would be getting easier but I am still having trouble with applique. I am just not happy with my own work and it took me the whole weekend to do this much. (You can use the link on the right for the free pattern)

On a better note, I went to Joanns and purchased a 25 yard bolt of white muslin. It was on sale for $1.49 yard and I am always running out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fabric Plates

Ever since Vicki made these coasters, I have wanted to make some too. I broke down and bought the book and found the rope at Family Dollar just as she said. Last night I made this plate (aka hot pad). It was a beautiful small piece of batik in a rich dark green color. At first I had planned on using different color fabrics which is why I used a taupe colored thread. I should have used a dark color thread and I should have read her advise on how to taper the end. But I don't think it's all that bad for a first try and I have plenty left over to make a set of coasters. As for making a bowl...... well maybe.

Even though I have been on an Xbox 360 binge lately, I have been doing some sewing. I have made over 30 string blocks and have also started a log cabin with those recycled shirts. But there isn't much to show so this goofy fabric plate is all there is for now.

Hope your day is super spectacular.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Birthday Blocks

The last two of my Birthday Blocks arrived the other day from Laurie and Susan. I have now received all 11 (plus one extra) blocks. Almost everyone made blocks that were very similar in design but radically different in color (I requested florals). I am not quite sure what to do with them now but I'm sure they'll get used in one quilt or another.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I actually finished something

I'm not even sure when I started this. I'm not even sure where I got the charm pack. It might have come from AuntAnn but I just don't remember. Anyway, I finally got around to putting some sort of border on it. It will make a nice quilt for a teenage girl. But I'll let Mary decide where she will donate it.