Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Broward Quilt Expo

It only comes around every two years, but it's BQE time again. I never did get much more done on the Polka Dot Madness quilt but I do have several items I wanted to put out for sale in the Quiltique. While looking around for something (I don't even remember what it was) I found a whole stack of unfinished quilt tops. I guess I had planned to quilt them one day in order to sell them, but I can tell you that's not going to happen. So, I measured them, tagged them and got them ready for sale, as is. Some are full size, some are baby size and some are just table runner size. This is one I particularly like. It's not very big (31" x 37") and I have no idea where I got the pattern from, but I sure do like it. Pink, white and touches of natural, I could just picture it draped over the end of a baby girls crib. I sure hope someone else will love it too and finish it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

January Block Lotto

As previously mentioned, I won the January block lotto, a block referred to as Stacks. This was a fun block to make and I love bright colors. They are pretty forgiving blocks too. Several of the blocks received we wonky or too small, but still work together well with a little bit of free style sewing. My design wall is quite small so I can only display half the blocks received, but you can see how nice they are from this sampling.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Block Lotto for February

I guess I forgot to mention that I won the January block lotto. It was one of the largest pots ever and I got to share in the winnings with several other ladies. I would show you the winnings, but I have only received a handful so far. When I get them all, I'll post a picture.
In the meantime, I made 4 blocks for this months lotto. Here is the link should you decide to enter. As for me, I am still not that comfortable with free style sewing so I only made the four and then gave up. The fifth block was a gift from one of the January Block Lotto participants, who included it with my winning blocks.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

While the rest of the US is suffering with cold weather and piles of snow, we here in South Florida are enjoying what I call "tourist weather". I even have had two of my orchids bloom.