Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Phone

I used to have an Android phone and I hated it. So when I became eligable for a new phone last April, I got an I phone and I am so happy I did. The Android made no sense to me. I could not figure out how to do anything and sending a text message was torture. I ended up giving the phone to my 12 year old grandson and he loves it.
Everything on my new I phone is easy to use. I have even set it up to make different sounds depending on whether it's a text message, Twitter notification or a phone call. But the best part is my new Etsy App. When I make a sale, the phone makes a cash register sound alerting me to the sale, ca-ching. I don't have to check my computer for sales every hour or so. I got a sale the other night at 2AM and even though my phone was out in the living room, the ca-ching woke me up, I love it. I also think my customizing is quite appropriate.