Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yellow and Gray Coiled Fabric Bowl

Many of my coiled fabric bowls have been sold and it is time to make some new ones. I'm not very good at explaining how I make things, so I took some photos while making a Gray and Yellow coiled fabric bowl.
After deciding what colors I'm going to use, I'll cut up a bunch of strips measuring 3/4".

Hmmm, they look kind of pink, but really they are gray. I like to start with a darker color (no particular reason why, just the way I do it), and coil it around the end of cotton rope.

Coil it up and zig zag stitch around.

I just keep going, adding different fabrics, around and around, until the coil measures around 5 inches.

At this point I lift the whole thing up on an angle, to get it to start looking like a bowl.
Just keep going around and around while holding the bowl on an angle until it gets to the desired depth.

I've always had trouble finishing it off, until I discovered making a decorative coil finish.

And there you have it. As soon as the sun comes out, I'll take some better photos and add this bowl to my Etsy Shop.