Saturday, October 7, 2017

Disneyworld 13 Day 4 Going Home

I hate the last day of any vacation. The packing up and checking the room to make sure you haven't left something behind, always makes me sad. None of us were in the mood to get dressed and schlep out for breakfast, so room service was a good idea, especially since the breakfast menu was pretty good. I have had room service many times in my life and its always the same, the waiter brings the food on a big tray and leaves it, end of story. But this was something a little different and was a big surprise. That surprise was the waiter, a British chap by the name of Martin. He set a fancy table and made a big production of it. He told us of his service to the Queen, (yes Elizabeth not Cinderella) and his two years in butler school. He went on to tell us of all his adventures and how he ended up a server in Disneyworld. I really cant tell you if all his stories were real or just made up, but he sure did entertain us and brightened our morning. Thank you Martin, for making checking out not so bad.

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