Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Block Swap

The first time I ever saw an online Birthday Block Swap was about 6 years ago. I swore I would never sign up for one. I just knew the swap would start in July and my birthday is in June. It has "rip me off" written all over it.

So what made me change my mind and sign up for the Birthday Block Swap 2? Insanity is one good reason but not the only one. This swap is being hosted by Kate. One of the sign-up requirements was that you had to have been in some sort of swap before and she would ask for references. I joined group 2 which was supposed to be easy. And, lastly because the swap was to start in June.

It goes without saying that I read it wrong. The swap starts in July, with the sign-ups closing in June. Also, some of the blocks that the girls are requesting are a bit on the difficult side.

But it's not all that bad, I do not have to wait a whole year to receive my blocks. Kate has assigned birthday months and my month is December. I only have to make one block a month, so I can screw up a few times before I get it right.

So here is my first block. Lil Deb has requested a 6-9" star block in pastel colors with a black on black background, then add enough black to make the star float. This block is a Marcia Hohn pattern called Star Lane and I hope it meets with Deb's approval.

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