Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Color me surprised!

It was back around the beginning of the year when I really started to get ticked off at all the postcards and blocks that were owed to me and never received. One gal commented that if it bothered me so much, I should just quit. So that is what I did. I unsubscribed from one postcard site and did not sign up for any more swaps on the other postcard site. The very last swap I was obligated to was the "Something starting with O". I made 4 cards but only sent out 2 because two of the participants were notoriously late. The deadline for this swap was the end of March.

This weekend I was cleaning out some of the junk piled on my desk and came across my postcard trading notebook. I figured I would not be hearing from any of the people that owe me cards, so I threw out all my notes.

Fast forward to Monday and look what was in the mail.

I cannot believe it, but Angelcat fulfilled her obligation with this gorgeous card. In case you don't know, I love screaming orange. What is really funny is that her card is O for Orange and so was mine.

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