Monday, October 26, 2009


I can hardly believe it, but I started this blog over two years ago. For the longest time, there were only 10 to 20 visitors a day, if I was lucky. It really didn't matter that much, because the blog was about my quilts and whatever crafty thing I was up to at the time. That all changed when I was laid off last March. That's when I started my Etsy shop, something I had wanted to do for the longest time.
Of course the shop was going nowhere and I was in need of some advertising. I joined Entrecard which brings a bunch of traffic to my blog. I also joined Adgitize which has brought some but not much traffic to my blog. But the point was to bring traffic to the etsy shop not the blog, so I have also signed up for CMF ads and Project Wonderful. Neither of them have brought much traffic at all. I have ad space for sale on this blog which as of this writing, still remains blank.
I bought some advertising on Found Handmade and that has brought some traffic so I think I will continue to advertise there. I have joined etsy teams, as advised by Etsy, along with Facebook and Twitter.
I really have to wonder if any of this advertising is doing me any good. Do you advertise? Who brings in the most visitors for you?


Aimee said...

I have been doing EntreCard for a little over a week now and that has brought quite a bit of traffic to my blog. However, I wonder if anyone is actually reading my blog or just dropping and running?
I wish you luck in your Etsy shop and advertising.

Ann said...

I don't sell anything so no need to advertise. I do know though that since Entrecard there are a ton more people that actually read my blog.

NICO Designs said...

There are mixed messages about EC. Many people just drop and run and do not bother reading the blog. But I believe that there is always the potential that one person will be motivated to check it out.

I like to interview people for my blog and many saw that Facebook has been great.

Split Rock Ranch said...

I used to use Entrecard heavily but have backed way off after all the recent changes. I advertise on Facebook, I use Twitter to advertise new listings and sales, and my Project Wonderful boxes are always full (they filled up in one day). I suggest dropping your advertising price to $.01 on your Project Wonderful ad spaces and see if they fill up. I have yet to place an ad on Project Wonderful - I'm waiting for my earnings to build up so I have some money to spend on my own ads. Good luck!

heather fish said...

I started my business a year ago. I have a full-time job so it is very part time. I have not yet advertised... word of mouth. I try to let people know I do this w/o being obnoxious and making them feel I am trying to get them to buy things. Not sure where to start advertising that would be effective on a very limited budget. I am going to buy a business-sized ad for $30 in my daughter's elementary school newsletter next month & see what comes of it. I've had a few sales through Facebook - coincidentally to old friends I've re-connected with. I've had I think only about 3 sales total to complete "strangers".