Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do Over

I got a custom order for a dark green bowl with handles. The customer wished to give it to her mother for Christmas. I found this perfect green fabric with Poinsettias and a splash of gold, made by VIP Cranston. Everything was working out fine and I completed the bowl, and then I looked at my hands. They were green. The inks had rubbed off. I cannot sell a bowl where the ink is likely to rub off, so I washed the remaining fabric in very hot water and 2 color catchers. I tried rubbing the washed fabric against a piece of white cloth and sure enough, the color still rubbed off.

I have purchased a second piece of fabric and will start over again.


bingo~bonnie said...

what a dissapointment that the color blead like that EVEN after TWO washings! :( that is a shame too b/c the colors are so pretty..

I'm sure your do over will turn out as nice also though ;) Lucky customer that you care enough to check and double check. ;)

May I ask how much you sell these baskets for? Also may I ask what brand the bleeding fabric is?

Have a great day Zizzybob! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

blushing rose said...

Did you return the fabric? What Brand is it pleasE?

Have a bright sunny day.
TTFN ~Marydon

Dotti said...

I don't care for the Cranston/VIP line of fabric and have weeded most of it out of my stash for this very reason.

Pink said...

Did you try rinsing with vinegar? It helps sometimes, but crummy fabric is crummy fabric. I guess you have to rub down the bolts before you buy!

Theresa said...

That really stinks! What would you be able to make with it if it rubs off? You couldn't use it for anything. Such a shame.

Ann said...

Oh wow, that would really stink. It looks great though. Too bad all that work and you have to start from scratch.

heather fish said...

Wow - sorry for all the trouble but thank you for being so attentive to detail! I always pre-wash all my fabrics because I'm soooo paranoid they will bleed when washed later... I've never had this happen with a fabric & will keep in mind based on Dotti's comment to stay away from that fabric line... I bet the next one will turn out beautiful!