Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am not really all that computer literate, in fact I don't understand half of what I'm doing. It was a few years ago when I first started reading blogs. I discovered Bloglines and it has worked out great for me all this time. I kept adding and subtracting blogs and currently stand at around 84 blogs listed. Bloglines would tell me when these blogs had new postings and show them to me without even visiting the blog.
But now they say that they are closing down as of October 1, 2010. I followed the online instructions and added my list to the feeds listings that came with my computer. But frankly, I have now clue how to add to this list or what I'm doing. There is one blog in particular that has changed her address and  I have to visit the old address to get to the new address because I can't figure out how to fix it.
HELP, what do you use? Is there something out there that is as simple as Bloglines?


sophie said...

I started with Bloglines and later switched to Google Reader. It is similar, but a little different. Check it out and see if it looks like it will work for you.

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I just use the dashboard in blogger. The same place where I design, and post. It lists all the updates of the blogs I follow. You can also use google reader. Does the same thing, but no pictures show up. You do not ever have to add addresses. When you use the follow button on a blog they are automatically added to the list.

Deb Levy said...

Barbara, google reader is pretty simple to use. And the photos do mostly show up there in the preview.

If you email me, I'll send you my phone number to call me and I'll talk you through how to get yours set up, and how to capture the addresses.

Ann said...

I never used Bloglines but it sounds very much like Google Reader which is what I use. I used to just use my blogger dashboard but it never included any of the blogs that aren't with blogger. I've found that google reader is the easiest way for me to keep updated on everything.

Lin said...

I use the Blogger dashboard, Google Reader and I bookmark those that aren't on Blogger. I have 3 different places that I keep all my favorite blogs and I can't get through all of them in a day anymore, so I just do one of the 3 lists every day.