Friday, January 27, 2012

New rubber stamp

I often go looking on Etsy to see what my competition is up to. I have noticed many fabric postcards that have the makers name or web address. Mostly they write that information along with the USPS required word "Postcard" by hand. Although I always thought that the advertising was a good idea, that writing it by hand looks like crap.
I finally got around to having a rubber stamp made and I think my cards look a whole lot better if I do say so myself.


sophie said...

Very cool!

Lin said...

Oh yeah! Good idea! I think that will pay for itself, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! you always were resourceful! I do like yours better :)

bingo~bonnie said...

A very nice professional touch to your post cards! :) Hopefully it will help bring in more business or lookers to your etsy shop. I love all of the variety of cards you make. :)

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie