Monday, July 23, 2012

Holy mackerel, who ever thought something like this could happen. I joined Pinterest a few months ago, in order to do a little more self promotion of my Etsy shop. The article I read said that you should not only make pin boards of what you are selling but also board of things that are of interest to you. I created a few different board with some interesting photos one of which is of some fun memories of Disney vacations. Some how, one pin went viral over the weekend. A zillion people saw it, many commented on it and was eventually noticed by someone as the Huffington Post.

The writer of the article told me it was all over the Internet but I didn't realize how much until I followed some of the links she provided. There are of course those with the crude and negative comments, but the overwhelming majority of people who commented really like the photo and adjoining story.


Lin said...

OH MY GOSH!! How absolutely wonderful!! Not only that he did that...but that it went viral!! with all the bad going on these days, isn't it nice to see that sort of kindness taking place???!

WOW. I'm gonna be smiling for days on this one.

Ann said...

Now that is cool. Not only that it went viral but the story itself. That guard must have made her day when he asked for her autograph. VERY COOL