Monday, July 16, 2012

Who did I piss off this time?

I joined Facebook a few years back, because I was going to use it to promote my Etsy shop. I started to find friends I haven't seen since high school and then I found friends from grammar school. It was fun catching up on all those missing years. Following instructions on how to advertise your shop, I then started a Zizzybob's Shop page. I didn't do much with it and it didn't seem to get much notice.
Then I discovered Twitter and quickly got the hang of it. I tweeted often about items in my shop and watched as the views increase whenever I did. I made a few friends, followed some famous people, got re-tweeted often, learned about hashtags, and in short it has been quite helpful.
So mid June I get the big idea to have a Christmas in July sale. I have been promoting the heck out of it but so far all I got was one discounted sale (Thank you Winota).
This past weekend I blitzed the heck out of Twitter, tweeted constantly throughout Saturday and Sunday. Twitter got me a ton of new views but then there's Facebook. I created several Zizzybob's shop entries and posted them. I shared them on my own page and where did it get me? Despite my urging, begging and pleading with family and friends, I only got 3 likes, 1 from Winota, 1 from a stranger and one from my sister who I don't even speak to anymore (we'll talk about that some other time). I watch and wonder at the "likes" and "shares" of cute kitty pictures, the "click in 3 seconds to see what happens" posts and all the other stupid crap people seem to like. I saw a post by an old friend that said her husband was watching a ball game so she wasn't going to cook dinner and somehow that started a long conversation with several people. I get far more interaction from total strangers on Twitter than I do with friends and family on Facebook. I don't get it, just who did I piss off at Facebook? Someone please explain this to me?

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Ann said...

I wish I could explain it but when it comes to facebook and twitter I just don't get the point of them. I don't even use my twitter acct, rarely use my facebook and when I do, nobody sees it or replies or even likes it. I just stick with my blog :)