Monday, December 9, 2013

New in the Shop

There's a panic going on at Etsy due to some policy changes. It happens all the time and everyone jumps ship. I cautiosly followed the mob over to Zibbet but I'm not so sure I'm going to stay. I love Etsy and have had many repeat customers, I'm not leaving. But I'l give Zibbet a try and see what happens. I have made and listed a few new bowls.


Lin said...

Uh oh. I hope Etsy still remains--I LOVE that site!

What are they changing?

Kakers said...

Lin, they have "redefined" handmade so that people can sell things made in factories. As long as it is "handmade in spirit" not that it does anything about resellers to begin with. They are also no making a separate category, so customers will not know without carefully reading shop and item info. Personally, if I don't know the shop owner I don't trust anything on Etsy anymore. Zibbet, on the other hand, doesn't allow these things and actively removes resellers.

Kakers said...

Lin, they have redefined "handmade" and have announced they will be allowing shops to sell things made in factories. As long as they are "handmade in spirit." Also they have said they will not be making a separate category, which means consumers will have to be careful to read shop and item info to see how it is made if they want something made by hand. Of course resellers have no trouble selling there to begin with. Personally, unless I know the shop owner, I find it hard to trust anything on there is handmade that says it is. On Zibbet, they do not allow factory made items (with the exceptions of supplies and vintage of course) and actively remove resellers. It's smaller, right now, less traffic, but is growing and the community can't be beat.