Thursday, December 5, 2013

When one thing leads to another

It's probably just boredom, but I have been hanging around the Etsy Forums lately (someone should really stop me). I came across a post about a lady who said her neighbor was trying to kill her. It turns out that the neighbor was using some perfumey dryer sheets and the smell was permeating the whole neighborhood. The original poster said the smell was awful, she had to keep her windows closed and that it was even seeping through the walls to get her.
There was, of course, the usual set of replys "Oh I'm so sorry this has happened to you". But there was one post that stood out amongst the rest, the poster suggested that she purchase some handmade felted dryer balls for her neighbor, and of course she just happened to have some in her shop. I was intrigued, felted dryer balls? Never heard of such a thing. This lead me to look them up on Etsy only to find a very wide variety of the item, some big, some small, some expensive, some cheap. There was even a lady who raised her own sheep and made dryer balls from the wool.
I searched even futher to try and figure out why these would be better to use than regular dryer sheets. There is a large amount of information on the subject but I went with the first listing I found (click here). Hmm, not only are they a good idea, but here was the instructions to make your own. That lead me to a knitting shop. Asked the store owner if she had any leftover balls of wool, that she would sell me cheap. I got 4 balls (only needed 2) at 50% off.
So here is the results.......

They may not be as pretty as the ones on the Internet, but they should work just the same. I'll let you know the results.



Ann said...

interesting. I want to try these

Malias Mark said...

I saw that thread too. Murder by dryer sheet. Sounds legit. LOL Let us know how these work out!