Sunday, September 7, 2008

Suggestions Please

I have had this stack of squares for ages. Some are 4 inches some are 5. I have picked at the stack for many different projects, removing certain colors or patterns. I just could not stand it any more, so I made all the squares into half square triangle and then into this pattern.

Does anyone know what the name of this block might be? There are 41 of these 6 inch blocks (and I suppose I could make more if needed). What do I do with them. Does anyone have any ideas how to put them together?


Vicki W said...

Is it Broken Dishes? I made a bunch of those one time and ued them as a border - I think. The quilt never actually got finished!

Jeanne said...

I think it is Broken Dishes, also. You could sew four together and then add sashing and cornerstones between each block.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Yes, I agree with every else--broken dishes. They look good in lots of things.

cindyquiltsOR said...

So ... of course ... I had to go look in quilter's cache to see if everyone else was right.

DUH ... of course they are.

The site I looked on suggested working with them in groups of 4 blocks. As if it really makes a difference?!

Best Wishes with your decision!

Mary said...

As everyone else has said - I know this block as Broken Dishes. I'd set them together straight - somewhere I have one in brights done by Mom and me but I don't think I have a photo online.