Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Block Lotto

I won, I won, I finally won. Yes, I won the September lotto at About.com. So far I have received about half of the blocks with 20 more to come. The block is called Cracker Block (though I don't know why). Looks like it will end up a children's quilt top that I will send to Mary for finishing and donating. Nice colors!

I might also mention that the CYOC swap at HGTV is over. I did not have enough blocks to do much with so I traded a few more with about 4 swappers. Still there is not enough so I signed up for the next CYOC swap. The last 2 swaps went pretty well, even with blocks that were too small and some with some really crappy fabric. I am not so sure about this one. There are quite a few swappers requesting 30's prints and I have had to order some fabric as I don't have enough in my stash for that many blocks. The current batch of swappers are pretty specific in their requests. This color and brand of fabric in the center string, with such and such color on one side, with such and such color on the other side, with corner blocks measuring this much. One of the gals even went so far as to ask for this color block from you, you and you, and that color block from you, you and you. There are also several requests for Black on White and White on Black. I completely used up my stash with the last swap so I will have to purchase some more of that too. When and if I ever have enough blocks to make a decent size quilt, I'll post some pictures of the blocks I have received. As a reminder, I requested a white center string with floral strings on either side, easy, easy, easy.


Sara said...

I think the name "Cracker" comes from the birthday or Christmas crackers that are made of tissue paper fringed ends and a cardboard tube in the middle. When you pull the ends, it "cracks" with a pop and then you find a paper hat and/or prize in the middle. Can't remember where I read this, but it was the same pattern.

bingo~bonnie said...

your lotto blocks are all so cute together! very bright and cheerful ;)

and about the CYOC - I agree.. wow it has really gotten crazy ea? It's no lonver "Choose your own CENTER" but design the entire block..

I was one of the first to req 30's in mine with a bleached muslin center.. adn then later after reading a few of the other req's thought about asking everyone to include one thin red background 30's print anywhere within the block..

but gosh, has crazy'boutquilts got her hands full with this group or what?! I think it will be fun and we will be happy with our blocks... I just wish I could get started alredy but i have to wait utnil I get my minis all swapped out first.. ;) the dining room table will only hold so much ya know. ;) LOL ~bonnie

a.simple.life said...

I participated in the CYOC last spring and thought it was a lot of fun. Thought about joining the summer one, but decided I was kind of "stringed & swapped out" and also ended up having things going on in real life that kept me off the boards for months. Your color combination was gorgeous!

The reason for my comment is I was looking at the newest one over the weekend and my initial reaction was yikes - how complicated it has become!! So when I came across your blog I had to giggle a bit. I look forward to seeing the pics as it goes along.

I've enjoyed looking at your blog and admire all the charity quilts you have been able to do. Great job! The world of blogs is new to me and it is very inspiring. I made my 1st blocks for HeartStrings last month and am working on a set of greens. My string collection is endless it seems.

Mary said...

You're being very productive, I have to get back to quilting HeartStrings tops this month - I'm going for a goal of 10 again!