Sunday, March 14, 2010

Changes Part 2

So I guess not as many of you as I thought have been to the Magic Kingdom. This picture of my family was taken last September. Do you see the change from the first picture I showed?
Here's a picture of the entrance that I copied from the Disney site. The wall was moved back several yards to accomodate a larger crowd. This higher wall also allows for more photo ops.


Anonymous said...

I love the Disney places...I went to the one in Florida in my senior year of high school. My children were fortunate enough to go several years ago with their father and stepmother.

Barb said...

Living in Florida most of my life means I have been to Disney so many times and for such a long time that there are always changes. Some more noticeable than others. At least Cinderella's castle is no longer Pepto Bismal Pink. That was awful!