Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quilt Show by the Sea

This is the weekend of the bi-annual Quilt show by the Sea. I only took this one photo as there were too many people walking around in front of the quilts. It was of the Best in Show. There were a few Baltimore Album type quilts and they were all very lovely but I was not impressed with the rest of the show. Once again I saw a very dull, ordinary quilt get a first place in it's category while a gorgeous, very well made Baltimore Album got an honorable mention. I just don't get it.
I was also a bit disappointed in the vendors. Do not misunderstand me, the vendors that were there were all fabulous and all had wonderful fabric to sell, but that was all there was. In past years there were vendors selling items other than fabric like Longerberger baskets and Swarovski crystals. I did however, find the quilting gloves I had been looking for. These are very lightweight, great for our warm Florida weather.

The nice ladies from T.J. Lane were there. I happened to mention that I was not real happy with the thimble that I purchase in 2004 because it was too small and too heavy. They told me to go home and get it as they would be happy to exchange it, even up. Lucky for me, I don't live too far, so I went home and got my Tommy Jane thimble and returned to the show. They exchanged my thimble for one that fits so much better. They gave me all sorts of information on how to care for it and what to do if it ever gets damaged. What nice ladies and what a nice thimble.
I did also break down and buy a pattern. I will be going to the Paul McCartney concert in a few weeks. I hate dragging a big clunky purse and have been wanting something small that would hold my cell phone, drivers license, a few dollars and could be worn around my neck. I really loved the sample purse but of course the lady wouldn't sell it to me. So next best thing is the pattern and I will have to make it myself.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt! ANd you better post pics of that little purse when you are done building it!

Ann said...

What a cute purse that is. It looks like the perfect size. I want to see pictures when you're finished too

Buggys said...

I have a little bag about that size and it's perfect when you don't want to carry your life around with you.
What do the quilting gloves do for you? I'm curious.

Sharkbytes said...

Wow! That is some quilt. Unless it cost a lot to enter, I'd say the show was worth it just for that.