Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mailable Art Fabric Postcards

Over the past two years, I have purchased several books on the art of making fabric postcards, hoping to find that spark I need to successfully sell postcards. One of the books, describes how to take your favorite photo and turn it into a small work of art. I do not own any photos that would make for an interesting card, so I turned to a National Geographic book of photographs. There are many photos that will make an interesting subject, the first one I tried is this photo from Norway.

And here is my interpretation of it in fabric postcard form

What do you think?


Dotti said...

This is really nice the fabric you used for the water!

Ann said...

What a fabulous idea that was. I think it looks wonderful.

MaryL said...

Marvelous!! I also just love your autumn leaf card... you may be on to something pretty special here... landscapes make beautiful art!