Sunday, June 10, 2012

I just don't Get It

I told myself along time ago that I wasn't going to do this anymore. I wasn't going to criticize someone else's craft, but I just can't help it, I just don't get it.
I've been in several treasury's lately and this same item keeps showing up.
The description starts out by saying it's a beautiful headpiece for frolicking in the meadows. Oh yeah, we all do that don't we? And when we do, we need a headpiece. I'm not sure if it's the sheer absurdity of this piece or the picture itself. The model looks like she's in serious pain, maybe it's the headpiece, maybe it's the nose ring. Or maybe she's ticked off that they didn't let her wax her eyebrows before the photography. Either way, this piece can be yours for only $39 plus shipping.

Now you are probably thinking I'm going to get in trouble with the seller and copyright rules. I'm not that worried. I only get about 7 people ever viewing my blog anyway.


Ann said...

I just came in from frolicking in the meadow without my head piece and surprise I see one here. All I can say is OMG

Teri Coleman said...

Oh I am sooo with you on this! it is very tacky and definitely not worth the money! I think some people try to get on the shabby chic band wagon without really understanding it! I cannot imagine any event where this headpiece wouldn't look madly out of place! (ps the colour of her lipstick doesn't help either!)

imquilternity said...

Think they forgot to "photoshop" that photo! :)

Anonymous said...

I still think that Etsy is not a what you know, but a who you know deal when it comes to success. Problem is I can't afford the brick and mortar store, so in the mean time, I have to settle with the rest of you fine folks peddling our fabulous wares with crap like this :)

mkhquilts said...

What a Crack-up!!! I can't believe it actually was IN treasuries! My goodness, but this one belongs on Regretsy! Thanks for the chuckle of the day!

Lin said...

I'm telling. ;)

Who the heck is gonna wear something like this??? Do they really get sales??? Criminy.