Friday, June 15, 2012

Texting Jargon

Some time ago, I made and listed this fabric postcard in my Etsy shop.

What really surprised me was a complaint I got, that this was offensive, as I was using the Lord's name in vain. (I guess it could be argued that no name was used in the making of this card).

So I wonder if I'll hear from her when she sees this new card in my shop.

I have asked on several occasions if anyone thought it would be over the top or not. A very small number of replies encouraged me to go for it, so if you're offended, don't blame me.


imquilternity said...

You know, you just can't please everyone and the ones who are offended always have to say something instead of just moving on!

Teri Coleman said...

OK I HAD TO COME BY AND COMMENT. (oops sorry didn't mean to yell) I am a Christian and I do try not to 'Take God's name in vain' So when I see OMG I substitute Gosh for God. It bothers me a little to see it but I know I have no right what to tell people to say or criticise how they express themselves. So I don't agree with those who get offended. I like WTF less but then I don't use the f word myself. The fact is it is up to you what you make and up to the person who likes it if they buy it and if they don't like it then don't buy it!! I certainly don't know what she is doing bothering you for making and selling it there are masses of worse stuff for sale!! So don't hold this womans views against all of us Christians some are like that but some of us are relatively normal ;-)

Ann said...

I suggest that the complainer invest in a can of Raid to get the bug out of her butt :) OMG could stand for oh my goodness, gosh, or any other g word. Like Teri said, you don't like it, don't buy it. Just move on down the isle lady

sophie said...

A friend translates WTF as Why the Face?

Lin said...

I wonder if that same person goes around correcting the world around her? The world is full of "offensive" stuff--and it can be so much worse than what you have posted. Oh, gees, what some people worry about. Sheesh.