Monday, June 4, 2012

Practice doesnt always make perfest

I have been making those coiled fabric bowls for a couple of years now. You would think I would be a master by now. Most of my bowls are made with one color of batik. It is a stronger, more tightly woven fabric and the bowls usually come out great. I found this adorable little bowl online here and just thought it was the cutest bowl ever.

The colors are so cheerful, I just had to copy it. I got out a fun assortment of polka dotted fabrics and made this....

Not as cheerful, kind of lopsided, I think I need to keep practising or maybe add some orange.


Lin said...

I like both bowls, but there is something about the colors on the inspiration bowl. Maybe the polka dots?? I think I like the really bright colors for this project. It's hard to pick fabrics for things like this, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Love the polka-dot bowl! I still have yet to try my hand at this :)