Monday, September 16, 2013

Fabric Postcards

I started my Etsy shop a few years ago with just a handful of fabric postcards. There was a very popular blogger, at the time, who told me I would never succeed selling fabric postcards to quilters. Why not, I thought, but never did respond to her comment. There are many quilters I know who say they don't know how to make the postcards, and many others who just can't be bothered. Besides, my shop is geared to the whole world, not just quilters.
So just as a matter of information, to date I have sold over 130 fabric postcards in my shop and another 30 at a quilting bee.


Ann said...

I love how some people think they are the leading authority on a subject. It's a darn good thing you didn't listen to that blogger. I really like the one in the picture.

Dotti said...

Hey there miss B! I've missed your blogs...and seeing all the PCs you upload to your store! Love this is so dramatic!

Hugs, Dotti