Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Itty Bitty Christmas Stockings

I've been making these little gems for years. When I worked in a big office, I sold a ton of them in many different colors and styles. I even made one in Hanukkah fabric for a Jewish friend of mine. I have filled them with candy, trinkets, lipsticks, sewing threads and gift cards, depending on who they were being gifted to. Last year I even made a bunch of them for cast members of the US Touring company of Les Mis. Those were made from a fabric that matched the barricade boys vests.

Today I browsed the Etsy section on Christmas Stockings. I scrolled, and scrolled and scrolled some more. I saw some cute stockings, sophisticated stockings, some ugly stockings, some tutus, some pine cones and some stockings with copyrighted images, but I never did find my little stockings after scrolling through about 1000. I then discovered that there are over 90,000 Christmas stockings listed on Etsy. I guess I don't stand a chance.


Lin said...

Can you spice up the description to stand out from the others? Call them "gift card holders" or something.

Ann said...

those are cute. I jumped over to etsy and holy cow, you're right, there are a ton of them. Lin's idea is good but there are just about as many listings for gift card holders