Saturday, November 9, 2013

Public Forums

Public Forums will be my downfall. Posts most often start out innocent enough, but end up in a dog fight. There was a time when I would jump in and add my two cents, but I have learned to keep my big mouth shut. It really doesnt matter what type of forum, chat room or message board. It could be about crafting or electronics or deer hunting, they all end up the same.
Someone will start off with one of those cutesy posts like.......
Hey, lets all have some fun and eat fudge. The conversation will progress like this....
Oh, I love fudge, especially with nuts.
I can't eat nuts, I am allegic.
I can't eat fudge I am diabetic.
I am so sorry this has happened to you, maybe you can eat sugar free fudge.
Fudge is the reason children in this country are obese and it should be banned.
It's not the fudges fault, it's the parents fault
It's the teachers fault
It's Bush's fault
How dare you say that
It's a free country and I can say whatever I want
Hey, I thought this was a crafting, electronics, deer hunting site

I just want to scream......


sophie said...

It's kind of amazing how some grown women still sometimes act like little mean girls. It makes me embarrassed for my gender.

Gail in Vegas said...

So for those of us who can and want to eat fudge - let's do it! I sincerely doubt that fudge is the culprit for the obesity in the U.S.
Your remarks are why I avoid forums.

Ann said...

oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. There is always someone who has to make a huge fuss about something. So to those people who want to start drama I say chill out and have some fudge :)

Caroline said...

I Love fudge, but without nuts. LOL! Sophie, that is so true.....we have two 70ish ladies at work who bicker and dig at each other, and try to involve everyone else. They are acting like mean little 12 yr olds.

Lin said...

It's not just the gals...guys are just as bad or worse. And I think a lot of it is worse online because it's easy to say things in social media easier than in person where there is recourse. People are much more "ballsy" online.

I'm with you--I have found you sorta have to keep off those things.