Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Classmates dot com

I signed up for Classmates dot com many years ago, before Facebook, before Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest. It was great finding friends I hadn't seen since high school and grammar school. We were all chatting and getting reacquainted. Classmates kept adding more and more features and then came the charges. You could no longer see who was looking at you without paying for it. They would send you these messages taunting you with "want to know who's looking at your profile? Pay Up!"
Then along came Facebook and everyone signed on. We all found each other all over again. We chat about our lives, post pictures of our vacations and grandchildren and complain about politics. Classmates meanwhile is still looking to make a buck by adding more and more useless features.
I went to two different high schools, one of which was an all girls Catholic school. But, I keep getting notes from guys who insist that they graduated from there...impossible. I have gotten notes from guys who say they remember me from my other high school. I don't remember them and they do not appear anywhere in my senior year Yearbook. To make matters worse, I have had guys tell me they went to grammar school with me. From 1st grade to 8th grade, there were the same 52 children in my class. I have a group photo of the entire graduating class...those guys aren't there. What's worse is that they argue with me when I call them out on their BS. Everytime I visit that site, I am bombarded with ads for young, handsome guys looking for date. Oh please, I am way too old for such nonsense.
I'm usually pretty good at figuring out how to navigate websites, but Classmates has become impossible to find anything. So, today I sent them my final notice....Delete me, Delete me, Delete me.

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Ann said...

I signed up there also and found it useless because I won't pay.
That would be pretty annoying having all those guys saying they know you even when you prove they don't