Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"This post has been removed"

This phrase is becoming tiresome. There was a post this morning in the Etsy Forums, that started with "I sold a Chanel knockoff.....". The OP went on to tell a tale about the purchase (who she mentions by name). Some posters were concerned that she called out the name of the purchaser, some of us commented that selling Chanel knockoffs is illegal on any venue. All our comments were removed and the thread was closed down.
Many Etsyians are upset about the resellers but you can't mention that on the forums. You can't even say the word China without the wrath of God coming down on you. You cannot tell someone that all that Mickey Mouse, NFL, and Hello Kitty stuff are all trademark/copyright infringements. You cannot mention the hundreds of bogus Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton items that are being sold.
I find all this alarming, even more alarming is the fact that you are not allowed to mention it.


Ann said...

isn't it strange that you can't mention it but they can get away with selling that stuff.
Crazy world

Lin said...

Yeah, what Ann said. I hate censorship.