Saturday, January 25, 2014


I really don't want to get into the details of what has brought me to this point, for fear of being tagged negative. So I'll just ask a simple question Etsy or Zibbet and why. Do I stay or do I go? One shop the other shop or both?
Maybe it's just paranoia based on the Alex Anderson quilt message boards from so many years ago. Maybe it's the fact that so many have been banned from the Etsy forums and now that forum is so boring with the same old questions everyday. Maybe because the philosophy of let's all be so nice to each other has now invaded the Zibbet forums and folks are getting banned over there. Maybe I should just stay away from forums all together.


Lin said...

I do. I stay away from most "chat" type situations. Our village FB page is embarrassing--I can't believe how nasty people are to each other on the internet. They sit in their homes and type without thought to how they are coming across to others.

I stick to only posting happy stuff on FB--gotta keep it light. I suggest you do the same--forums are a breeding ground for negativity and nastiness.

Kathy Johnston said...

I just lurk on forums to get tips or information that will be useful to me. A few years ago I thought forums were fun but no more. Family drama is about ready to make me delete my Facebook account too. Like Lin I just can't believe some of the stuff people put on the internet.

b50m said...

Keep the shops. Exit the forums. Backstabbing and spying is not what selling should be about.
Best of luck.
Mary Forevermonstrous shop.

WillOaks Studio said...

Forums can be hazardous to your (mental) health! They should post health warnings upon entering these, IMHO =D I mostly lurk to learn things, but wouldn't you know it...I jumped into a post about blogging on Etsy today...seemed pretty light going "how to" and "why" and the was shut down. Sheesh....that'll teach me!