Friday, January 8, 2016

Take a hint

I don't understand why, after all these years, my family cannot take a hint.  Every year they ask me what I want for Christmas. I am expected to reply with I want a pink sweater, you can find it in Joe's Department Store, on the fourth floor, in the ladies department, Sku#1234, ask for Joan she knows what I want. If I have to give that much detail I might as well just go buy it myself.

But if, just before Christmas, I were to say, Gee I wish I had a pink sweater to go with this skirt, that would just go right over every one's head.

Needless to say I did not get a pink sweater, or some quilting fabric, or a Joanns gift card, or an Amopay Pedi Perfect, or a new cover for my Mini Ipad.


Ann said...

Well if you ever figure it out let me know because I have the same problem here.

Lin said...

I not only have that with me, but with my entire family as well. My mom wants extreme detail on how to find each gift for me, my husband and my kids. I end up having to just go buy it and give it to her to give to drives me batty. Like I don't have my own shopping to do?? Ugh.

I used to love to get quilting fabric as a gift. It was fun to see what others thought was a pretty pattern. And then make it work with my stash! Bummer you didn't get fabric. :(

sophie said...

Some people pay attention and give great gifts ... others just aren't wired that way and may never be able to figure it out. I know it's small comfort, but at least they care enough to ask.