Friday, June 24, 2016


Do you Tweet? Do you tweet for fun or to promote? I find it fun but use it mostly to promote my Etsy shop. I am forever on a search to find new hashtags that will get my tweets retweeted. Not so long ago I especially liked #SSPS (shameless self promotion Sunday). Obviously, this tag was supposed to only be used on Sundays, although some gals would use it daily. On Sundays my Twitter would blow up and I would get over 600 views in my shop. I don't know why, but that tag isn't used much anymore, and doesn't get but a handful of retweets.
Nowadays, some that I use often are #craftbuzz, #etsymntt, and #etsyretwt. There are others that are only good at certain times of the day and on certain days #crafthour, #etsychaching, #handmadehourUSA.
What works for you?

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