Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Two Cents Worth

You could say you'll donate blood for the victims. You could say you'll donate money for medical bills and funeral costs. You could say you'll pray and start a prayer chain for the victims. You can say you'll bake cookies for the police. There are so many things you could say and do.
So why do so many celebrities say "I dedicate this next song to the victims" or "I stand with Orlando"? Exactly what do those empty words mean?


Dotti said...

I'm with you on this one! Hi Barbara!!! Florida must be reeling from all of this.

Ann said...

Excellent point. Those empty words don't mean a thing

Lin said...

Sometimes, celebs do things to help without drawing attention to it. Others draw the attention to the issue without really "helping." I guess everyone has their own way of reacting and "helping." Or not. I have not donated to this cause...but I do so many others...but who is to judge?