Monday, June 27, 2016

It's Going Around Again

Several years ago I started a Pinterest account in an effort to promote my Etsy shop. Everything I had read at that time said that you should post something of interest and not just what you have for sale. In addition to all my Etsy shop posts I created a Disney memories pin board. I pinned this picture of my granddaughter and an explanation of what was happening.

The pin got repined over and over. It got Facebooked, Tweeted, Tumbled and blogged over and over and ended up going around the world several times.
I realize that I have probably posted this here before but I am bringing it up again because it was just posted on Tim McGraw's Facebook page. As before there are tons of comments about how wonderful these acts of kindness are, and what a wonderful man this is. But it also brought out the sickos who think this is the act of a pedofile. HE IS NOT!!! This one post led us to find out who the security guard was. His name is Freddie and we met with him and his wonderful wife a few years later. This one post has led to many other employees of the Disney Corporation adopting Freddy's actions making little girls and boys feel super special. I assure you, this is not something that the Disney Corporations trains their employees to do, but it is a suggestion.

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Lin said...

I saw this making the rounds again and I thought of you.

People are mean-spirited and sick these days. They can turn the most innocent and sweet thing into something nasty. Why? Criminy.