Friday, July 8, 2016

Crying Uncle

I have had it, I give up. I am sad and disappointed. My other blog Sweet Little Gems was a complete bust. In the beginning I was going to post the stupid, the ridiculous and the just plain ugly stuff I kept seeing for sale at Etsy. But there was this little voice that I have heard all my life "Be kind" "Do unto others", "Don't say anything you wouldn't want said about you", blah, blah, blah. Instead I went in the other direction, promoting cute, sweet, interesting and unique items I found. To my dismay, many of the sellers never bothered to promote themselves in fact they didn't even bother to say thank you. I Tweeted and Googled my posts all of which got me nowhere. Less and less views daily and forget about anyone submitting an item for consideration. Hours wasted on other peoples shops. I am in the process of removing posts of shops that did not bother to reply to my convos.
I will leave the blog up and running but I will only post my own items. I will consider any submissions but frankly, based on the last 8 months, I doubt anyone will bother.
Maybe I should have ignored that little voice and go back to my original idea.


Ann said...

It's sad that that's the way things are these days. You try and do something nice for someone and what does it get you. A little show of appreciation goes a long way and somehow people just don't get that.

Lin said...

Everyone is out for themselves these days, right? Well, I'm glad that you used good judgement and didn't do the original idea. I guess it is best to not say anything at all????