Friday, July 15, 2016


I live in a very tiny house built in 1956. It measures about 60' x 80' and has no attic, no basement, no garage and very little closet space. There is however, and abundance of dust. I vacuum and vacuum and still there is dust everywhere and always has been.
I have had a parade of vacuums over the years, name a brand and I probably had one. I have resisted getting a Dyson, have you seen the price? Are they crazy? But I just cannot stand the dust anymore. We broke down and got one. OMG, that thing will suck the paint off the walls if you are not careful. I went once around the house and this is what I got.


Ann said...

Dust is plentiful around here too. I'm too cheap to buy a dyson

Lin said...

I'm like that with my Oreck. We don't have any carpeting, so the oreck made for wood floors is the absolute BEST. Doesn't shoot the kitty litter out the back when I try to suck it up. I swear, I'd do commercials for Oreck if they'd let me.

Happy New Vacuum!