Sunday, November 30, 2008

4 Days Off

With 4 days off of work you would think I could have accomplished more but I kept getting side tracked. My husband and I actually went to Toys r Us on Friday morning (I know, I know that's just plain nuts) but my granddaughter wants a Gameboy DS in Blue for Christmas. This is a hot item this year so we thought it best not to wait. The store wasn't as bad as we feared and we only had to wait on line for about 15 minutes and got a limited edition DS in ice blue (I want to keep it for myself).
My grand children decided they wanted to help put up our Christmas tree. This is a very big ordeal which we hadn't planned on doing so early. Because my house is so small, we store our 8 foot tree and all our decorations in a warehouse. The children may be small but they really were a big help. They did almost the whole tree and grandma got to sit and watch.

But I did manage to get 9 pillowcases done for the Pillowcase Party over at the Heartstrings site. I'll bet some of you will recognize that eye chart fabric.

I made two blocks which will be going into a quilt for a seriously ill friend. I also completed a few blocks for the block lotto. I'll post a picture when I get all of them done.

On a final note, something outside my comfort zone. I have always wanted to make greeting cards. To force myself to stop talking and start doing, I joined a handmade Christmas card swap. I am not even sure how I ended up at the site as it has nothing to do with quilts. I believe the gals I am swapping with are far more experienced than I so I hope my beginner cards will be met with approval. You would not believe how many attempts there were at getting that bow to stay put. There is now glue everywhere, but it was a hot glue gun that did the trick.


Vicki W said...

I way overdid it during my time off and today I am paying big time with back and neck pain. Today is recline and rest day! Your pillowcases look great and so does your greeting card.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Love the greeting card, Barbara! Awesome job.

Cindy Is Crafty said...
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Ann said...

Great work B!