Sunday, November 2, 2008


These are what's left of my favorite pins. They have glass heads (in case you iron over them). The best part is that they are super fine. But that's also the worst part. So fine, they bend easily. There aren't many straight pins left. I really should break down and get some new ones. What do your pins look like?


Deb said...

My super fine pins are all bent..gues I need some new ones too.

And those flower head pins...I looked today....there is not even one that is not either melted or has holes in it from being stitched over! Good grief! Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and get som new pins...thanks Barbara!

Vicki W said...

Two years ago I finally threw out all of my pins and bought all new ones. It was very exciting! LOL!

Mary said...

I have some fork pins that Karen in CA sent to me but they don't work well with string blocks because they bend easily and the foundation adds just too much thickness. One of these days, I'm going to piece some regular blocks just to see how they work!

Ann said...

Sad Sad sight. My skinny, glass top wonderful pins used to fill a baby food jar. Then it was 3/4, now it's half and that is sad. I haven't found true replacements so I only use them where 'they' matter. There are other pins for the design wall, others for bulky stuff and the first set of flower heads that are fat which I use sort of like nails to hold up things like rulers, templates and such. I found great, thin flower head pins at a shop when I went to a very weird retreat in New England a few years ago. I keep thinking about those IRIS pins but haven't seen them in person yet. I guess I should just order a tin of them.

Lori in South Dakota said...

My husband would say my pins are "all in the carpet'. But I never step on them??!!

bingo~bonnie said...

I love your short quick posts like this :) your quite the conversation starter ;)

funny I read your post about replacing this weekend as I was sewing I was thinking the same thing! i need to replace mine too as most are bent too!

ok, starting now, as I pull my pins off the magnettic holder if they are bent or rusted feeling I'm dropping them into the medicine bottle I keep by my machine! and the next trip to Joanns, I'll use my 40% off coupon for another pack :) Thanks for the reminder!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie