Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nicky's Quilt

When my grandson Nicky was very little, we bought him some Guy Harvey tee shirts so he would look like his daddy and grandpa. He out grew the shirts quickly. When he was about 3 or 4 his mom wanted to give the shirts away. He would not let her. In an effort to make room in his shirt drawer she talked him into giving the shirts to grandma so she can make him a fishy tee shirt quilt like she did for grandpa.

As soon as I got those shirts I cut them up and backed them with fusible tricot, along with 3 of grandpa's shirts, and that's as far as I got. They have been sitting there on the "design bed" ever since. Nicky has picked out some fishy fabric he wanted included. He has nagged me several times when I'm ever going to work on his quilt?

As previously reported, I have been making blocks for the Princess Jellybean quilt. I am afraid if Nicky sees Alli's quilt being worked on and not his, well, he will not be too happy. So, I have finally started putting something together. This is only a start. It needs to be squared up a bit. I intend to put a border on it (with all those fishy fabrics) and I am going to applique fish in the open blue areas. Then I will have to find a longarmer to quilt it. There are so many wonderful quilters out there, I don't know who to choose. But I think it will be awhile before I have to make that decision.

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