Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cotton Thread

Having used almost all the piecing thread I bought a few years ago, it was time to buy some more. I have used every type of thread (at ridiculously high prices) and I just don't see the point. I do like Aurefil, but I save that for special projects. I have many colored threads, but those I save for when it shows. But for everyday piecing this stuff is great, 12,000 yards and only $7.95 a spool. Can't beat that and they will last me a few years.


Trisha said...

I don't see the point in buying really expensive thread either. But maybe I just need to educate myself about why the expensive stuff is "so much better". I kinda don't want to know. LOL Your purchase looks like a great deal to me!

Barb said...

I love this thread and have probably close to a dozen spools in different colors ~ having trouble finding it locally these days though. Need to get some more in black cause it's what I always use to make screen bags.