Friday, June 26, 2009

I am Pissed Off!

1. I have been looking for a job for 3 months now. There are very few but the few I have found I wouldn't even apply for. Besides being a medical biller, they want you to also answer the phones, do some filing, accounts payable and they want you to be bilingual. They pretty much want you to perform miracles for which they will pay you $5. less than I was making at my last job which was just billing.

2. This blog was really supposed to be for me to keep a journal of things I have made. I tried hard to keep the language simple, post lots of pictures and to generally be sweet and friendly. My few rants were mild mannered and written as to not offend anyone (none of which is the real me). If I made a few friends along the way, that's just great. Yesterday, I found a blog grader and tried it out. My score is so low I am embarrassed to reveal it. They said I have too many pictures which slows down the loading time. In addition, writing style is grade school level.

3. In the past two months, 3 old friends have vacationed in Ft Lauderdale. They all were here to lounge around the pool but were too busy to visit with me. They all know I am out of work so I would have plenty of time to lounge around the pool with them.

4. The raccoons ate 4 of my 6 pond fish and no I don't live in the country.

5. The roof still leaks around the fireplace no matter how much work has been done to it.

So, if I don't post for awhile, or my posts are not so cheery, or I don't respond to your comment, or I do respond but are not so polite. or if I am just generally crabby, you now know why. Deal with it.


Ann said...

Damn leaky raccoons!!Stick 'em on the barbi!

That grader is just stupid. A lot of photos is when you go to a wordpress blog and wait for 230 photos to post even if you were just there yesterday and had to wait for 229 of them to load. I could say something about understandable english but that would upset many politically correct donkeys.

As far as being crabby - go ahead - I am 900 miles away so bet ya can't reach me - nanner nanner nanner

Huggs and Snuggs (lol winkwink)

Alycia said...

I would come and sit by the pool with you - but I come with 3 very hungry children ( grin).

Dumb Racoon - kick him back to the country!!!

Dotti said...

I agreem that blog grader is wimpy. I have the slowest of broad band connections (dsl) and I have no problem loading your blog in record time. Besides, I'm a visual person...I love lots of photos.

Barb said...

Your blog is great! Don't listen to those idiots.... maybe they should grade your friends.... I'd be pissed to. I hate getting dissed by supposed friends.