Saturday, July 18, 2009

Around the Block

I just realized that I made a pun. This post is not about quilt blocks, it's about my neighborhood. Just for the heck of it, I did another blog grader only to discover that my grade has become worse. I have been reading all sorts of articles on how to improve sales at etsy and many of them say I have to improve my blog. (Geez, I can't help it if I'm not good at composition). One suggestion was to move away from the usual topics and go in a different direction. So I took a bike ride this morning in search of some good photos (I'm not so good at that either). I took some photos of the fancy expensive houses on the river, pictures of the school, and what used to be a busy boatyard. But then I thought, it's the dead of summer, hot as heck around the country who wants to see pictures of Florida? I think I will save them for when it's the dead of winter and everyone else is under a blanket of snow.
There are no pink flamingos on anyone's lawn but I did find a variety of strange lawn decorations. I think it's kind of interesting.
This one is the best.

Those poodle herds can be dangerous.

Here's and idea. Get rid of the grass and replace it with gravel. Then you can paint your lawnmower the same color as the house. This cracks me up.

Same house.......

I don't get the relationship of swans and lion.

You just got to know these pots wouldn't last long. And for heavens sake, put the garbage can away already.

Is there a lot of busy traffic on their lawn?

No amount of bug spray will get rid of these ants.

I would have removed these ------- (fill in the blanks) years ago.

Christmas and Easter, just need a flag and we got the holidays covered.

More early Christmas decorating.
Why not take a bike ride or a walk (go on you know you need the exercise) around your block and share some of your neighbors lawn decorations with us. Leave a comment and a link to your photos.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Very interesting how different regions are sooo... different? OK, I will play - give me a few days to get my photos and I will link back to your blog. How fun!

Dotti said...

Barbara, you have inspired us all!