Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hell in a Hand Basket

I have been wanting to make little baskets for my shop. I have procrastinated because I am not all that good at designing. I had a bunch of ideas but could not quite get them into fabric.

I started this sweet little thing yesterday, early morning. Measure twice, cut once, then measure again and cut some that's not it, measure some more and cut a bit off here. I wanted the handles to be a bit longer so you could actually put your hand in them. The whole thing was together, just about done but the darn handles were so long and limp that the thing looked really stupid. So I had to take it all apart, remove the handles and come up with a better plan. If I had to put a price on it that reflects the hours of labor, this little basket would end up pricing itself right out of a market.

But it did turn out cute didn't it?


lesthook said...

Yes. Very cute. But I know what you mean about the labor!

Vicki W said...

Very cute! But each subsequent one will take less time.

Ann said...

Sweet - and I have a solution for you on the handles. Use the no-roll waistband elastic and the handles will stand up. I have been using it on purses and totes so the handles don't smoosh into wrinkled messes.

I prefer phone to email. You say you prefer email, so then email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

Oh, I forgot
LOL :^(

Dotti said...

Cute Basket...but lets see if you can respond because I think something has changed in my settings.

Jeanne said...

Your patience and persistence paid off nicely. The basket is adorable.