Friday, July 31, 2009

Around the Block

This weeks trip around the block finds me taking pictures of wall art, or at least that's what I'm calling it. I don't mean flags, there are always lots of flags all across America.

Back in the mid-fifties when these houses were being built, these decorations were added to every house. I had a really nice one with a sailboat, but it has since been covered by the chimney of my fireplace. Yeah, it does get cold enough for a fire but we'll talk about that around December and no I'm not talking about these either.

I'm talking about those things you make or buy and stick on the wall on the outside of your house. I am really wondering if this is a Florida thing, or are people starting to do this all over the country.

The joke used to be that Floridians all had flamingos on their front lawns. But now we find lots of lizards and parrots...................

.................and of course, lots of sun gods.

This house is on a canal and has a large sailboat in the back. I wonder if this came off that boat.

I am not quite sure what this is, I think maybe a fish but it's hard to tell even close up.

I got it all covered. I've got one cheery lizard,

And one sun god with fish.


Ann said...

Around where I'm from everyone seems to have rustic looking tin stars.

vange said...

We have the lizards and sun gawds galore in New Mexico along with all sorts of crazy abstract shit. What we don't have are parrots. That needs to change.

Sweetwater Designs said...

those are very cool~
I've not noticed anything like that where I live in northern Canada.
There are lots of moose antlers hanging above cabin doors though! ;)

Lin said...

I admire your bravery for snapping photos of all those weird things on people's houses! I always see weird stuff around the 'hood, but I can't get up the nerve to shoot it.