Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last week I received my blocks from the Four Seasons Summer Block Swap.

I had planned to put these together with the 9 blocks I had received from the Rainbow Block Swap. I did not look at those blocks too closely when they arrived and I thought they looked pretty good then. Looking a little closed I discovered that 4 of the 9 blocks are 1/2 inch too small. I tried taking the simplest one apart thinking I could redo it but the pieces turned out to be cut oddly and made of polyester.

I was going to alternate the blocks, like this

but now I don't have enough blocks. Maybe I'll just make a row quilt. Oh, and one more thing, Margaret was super vigilant in making sure that all the summer swap blocks were the right size, and all 40 blocks were dead on 6 1/2", but there is always one..... you just have to wonder what this lady was thinking using blue thread on a light yellow block. And why in the world would you spend all that time pressing the seams open? I'm just saying.


Barb said...

That's a lot of the reason I don't do swaps anymore. You always get some with poor quality fabric or workmanship.

Ann said...

With tails that big I don't want to meet the mice that go with them.