Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gone with the Wind

My Jasmine is in bloom.

And the Magnolia tree we just bought is in bloom.

I just can't help feeling like Scarlett.


sophie said...

The apartment building I lived in when I lived in France was "Les Magnolias. The building was new. There were two, then small, Magnolia trees out front.

A few years after I moved back to the US, I rented a litte house that had a huge background with a giant Magnolia tree in it.

Thanks for reminding me of both of those places with your pretty Magnolia bloom ... and I can almost small the jasmine. Enjoy, Scarlett.

Ann said...

and I imagine that the scent is heavenly. Lucky lady :)

Lin said...

I can only imagine the heavenly scent! They are lovely.

Deb Levy said...

I love it! Our jasmine and gardenias are in bloom. So are the lemons and limes....lots of competing fragrances, but wonderful.

Anna said...

Love the scent of Jasmine and Magnolia. But I'll have to wait until June for them here.

Wow! Youre are out so early or er.. we're the ones that are late because we live closer to the Arctic Circle.

We still have crocuses in bloom. I have spotted a couple of courageous red tulips. And the yellow daffodils are in bloom here.
Best wishes
from a former Southern Belle,

Ninja Media said...

beautiful and nice flower