Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Accomplishments

I haven't been feeling like doing much of anything for the last two weeks. But I also hate just sitting. As I watch Mary and Judy L knit socks I have had the yen to knit, but socks are way out of my comfort zone. So I dragged out some yarn I had leftover, got out a set of needles and began to knit. The pattern was simple enough, cast on 30 stitches then knit every row until the yarn is gone. It was a project that kept my hands busy but didn't require much thought or moving around.

You might be wondering what I would be doing with a warm neck scarf here in sunny South Florida. I have discovered the blog Bridge and Beyond.  Sandy's mission is to provide hats, mittens and scarves to the homeless people of Ohio who live under bridges. That's great for me as I love to make things for charity, and as a bonus I can empty out that drawer filled with yarn that is just sitting around.


Ann said...

what a great way to use up your yarn stash. I've been the same way, haven't felt like doing anything but sitting around doing nothing makes me antsy.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I really want to do some things for them too, but can't right now. Maybe this fall. Hope you feel better soon.

Mary said...

I had my socks out tonight while I was watching tv. Hope you're feeling better.