Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Two new cards to add to collection. The first one is from Anna. She is 24 and comes from Saratov Russia. Her English is not that good as she says she likes dancing and making fire show. I don't know what she means. She also says that the picture on the postcard is not of her hometown but of a city (Voronech) which she has visited and found to be beautiful.

The second card is from Nancy, she is from Albi in the South of France. She says it is a medieval little town. I am amazed that there are still places like this in the world. Here in South Florida, it gets torn down if it's over 50 years old.


Ann said...

I'm curious about the "making fire show" sounds intriguing :)
Love that postcard from France that looks like a very interesting town. I would love to visit

cannedpeas! said...

That postcard from the South of France is SO nice. It make me want to visit there. The picture makes it look so quite, but I wonder if it's not over-run by tourists, who think like me that it must be a quaint little place.

Lin said...

I'm with Ann--what the heck is the fire show??? Maybe we don't want to know.